Thursday, March 30, 2006

And the sun came out! ......finally

I hate corn! I counted seed by the fives from 7 till noon today and will again tomorrow morning! I just kept telling myself that tomorrow's the last day i'll ever work there. (knock on wood).

So i called a few physical therapy places and the only one that hires teens, i'd have to take a week long course, to get some kind of preliminary certificate, yadda yadda. I'll try to do that but i cant get any more info till after break.
So i drove all overtown to every sit down restaurant on 26 as well as a few places over by the mall. I have sooo many applications to fill out! But once again, i'd rather work at any of these places than pollunate stinking corn!! I'll keep ya posted on if (and where) i get accepted.
I was going through a bit of social withdrawl, having not seen anyone that i know, other than family since tuesday at school, so while i was over at meijer getting gas, i drove over to school for the heck of it to see if baseball team was practicing, or anyone else was around. Nope, the guys musta been practicing whereever they normally practice. (duh, silly tirzah) and though i almost thought for a split second that Meg was there (cuz her car was) i remembered she's in Georgia! :(.

So i sat on the porch swing at home, and began filling out applications when emily Rausch called, and we chated, yay! And then my friend Jennifer, from ballet (the pale, black haired one, for those of you with pictures of her on your cell-phones) :) anywho so we dropped her little brother off at CC for baseball practice, and my what a lovely day it was!, and we walked around down town, took lots of really cool pictures in random ballet poses on the bridge, and i drank a 'bawls'....woops! super caffinated, and although my body's dead tired. I CANT SLEEP!

So than idiot Tirzah, somehow idiotically deleted ALL the photos just taken (there were some really good ones, and ones from Chicago too!). Grrr i was so mad! Oh well. So the day started and ended rotten but had a semi-pleasant middle.

Tell me how yours was. Or maybe i'll just find your blog!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I would be a city girl....

if my legs didnt hurt from walking around all day, and if i had millions of dollars at my disposal. So pretty much: i'm not, but i enjoyed pretended today that i was!!

We made it to Chicago in record time, not barely any trafic, and we didn't get lost! Mostly because i know my way around Chicago better than my mom does....thanks to ballet auditions. We found a parking place where a black guy drove our car away and told us to come back later with $13...uh-oh. JK

Anywho, it ended up that we didnt get any tickets to go see Wicked...:(, even though we tried, but no one canceled, and we just had bad luck. I even found a lucky penny on the sidewalk. Anyone else want it? Maybe it has one of your names on it in the fine print. So basically we walked around all day, mostly window shopped, but bought a few things.

My mom and i had a little contest to see who could find the most expensive purse. I think i won with something over $1200. (?). I also decided after falling in love with a few pairs of super cute shoes, that i could definaltely blow $600 on a pair easily, and feel no regrets. I think in every woman is born an inate desire to spend lots and lots of money on shoes and purses! Now, since i was not born a Hilton, or Marriot (AHHH miss Mariott!) or other heiress,(which i'm glad i wasnt or i'd be a plastic, too tanned, planitum blonde with brains the size of a lab rat's. And also i probably wouldnt have met any of you, my friends!), it has opened my creative side and scrounging ability to find those adorable $5 shoes that everyone thinks you spent more on (hee, hee) and the bravery or foolishness, take your pick, to create my own very 'unique' sense of style. Go ahead, say what you want: WORDS CANT HURT ME! (whoever made up that stupid 'sticks and stones' rhyme was an idiot, cuz it aint true).

ANywho, we ate at this great Italian restaurant, that was so cute. If you go anytime and want to eat Italian, ask me and i'll give you directions, cuz the food's soooo good. Oh and i had sushi for the first time at lunch. It tastes kinda weird. not bad, but i'd definatly get skinny really fast if i had to eat that stuff everyday.

Letsee tomorrow and friday, i have to get up and go to work at 7!!!! and count corn kernals till noon and then i'm gonna go job hunting. Joy o joy.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Joys of a Big Ten School!!!!!

Alright so, since i was the only senior who actually checked out books when we went to Purdue that one day way back when, i have kept getting letters bugging me to return the books. So i decided that after Jazz today i would drive across the bridge and drop 'em off no problem.......right.

Jazz was great, and i asked my teacher, who happens to be a professor at Purdue where to park for free so i could drop off my books at the Stewart center (HSSE library). She gave me directions which i thought were simple enough, so i took off confidenctly across the bridge with the sun setting behind me. I drove around for a while, got lost in all the one way streets and eventually decided to just park in a parking garage and find my way from there. I started off in a random direction and ended up among a bunch of science buildings with greenhouses! woops, i wandered around more, a little scared by the thinning of people and fading light. I turned around and was thankful just to find the parking garage again. But then i saw THE purdue tower thing. I knew Stewart Center's like right there, so i walked around a bit more. It turned out that i was really close to it but somehow didnt see it! So i walked back frustrated and a little scared, since i told my parents i would be home at the time which my watch now i found my car pulled out, and drove around some more. I actually found Stewart instead of another bridge back to the east side so i drove up towards it. Naturally there's no parking anywhere near it. But i was so frustrated that i parked in a handicapped parking space. (does mentally handicapped count?) which read: 'FINE: $100-500' and ran in. The guy must have thought i was crazy, cuz i didn't see the book drop and so i gave it to him at the front desk, and then while i was leaving, i tryed to pull on the 'push' doors, and had to wait for the guy right behind me to push them open...... Thankfully my car was still there and i got off scott free! But whew, it was a relief when my parents didnt say anything other than: how was jazz? when i walked in the door.

Maybe this is God telling me that a big university is NOT for ME!!!!

So by the time i got home i wanted to talk to, or hang out with friends, but the rents said it was too late. But it sounded like from Adrienne (breathlessly panting on the phone) that y'all had a rootin' tootin' good time (Luke terms...)

Tomorrow it's off the the big city for me!!!!! I'm thanking the GOOd Lord that i'm not driving!!!!!! Uh-oh, watch out Chicago, Sara Brown is driving your way. MOOOOOVE!

Monday, March 27, 2006

of ducks, and dreams

One of my favorite places to be ever is outside in the woods. (actually that's a lot of places....i'm a genius). Especially now that the weather is (gradually) getting warmer, and now that i have nothing else to do. Today was so weird cuz i came home right after school and have been home since. No play practice, no ballet no nothing!!

So i told Mom i'd go for a walk, with my physics notes of course. I love doing this, i can concentrate much more on the notes i'm studying, outside than i can in my room. But even outside i get distracted......

Today was one of those slightly grey days that was a perfect match for my moode: solemn and a little chilly. Sorry if i acted a little moody today, bad grades are no excuse to be antisocial, but alas, that's how i felt. SO i walked along the creek and observed a couple of ducks, swimming around in a little pond. The female duck sat alternatively sleepily and yet wary of my presence. The male strutted around protecting his female, cleaning his feathers, and then when his buddy's called he flew off with them.
I ran on a bit further and sat on one of those trees that had fallen over across the water but rested above it still. The current of the water made the tree bouce a bit and if i looked downstream of the branch, i got the illusion that i was moving forward, Yet only the water was moving behind me. That's kinda how life feels right now, everything else is moving so fast around me that i get the illusion that i'm moving forward, but instead i'm still sitting on a dead log.

I started getting cold, (and lost interest in concave mirrors....physics notes) and journeyed further along the path, till i came to a little rock cave that was damp and had water dripping in a few places. The faerie's had set up a silver goblet where the water dripped into and i thirstily took a sip. Never have i tasted such pure rain water. Even though it dripped across seemably dirty rocks where who knows what animals lurked, it still produced the most refreshing water i've ever tasted.

I returned upon the same path called by my emptying stomach, took one last sip of the faerie water, and found the same ducks swimming around in their pond. The he duck, had returned and at the female's lead they went into a smaller pond and began eating dinner. I'm not going to guess what it was, and trust me we both dont want to know, but it reminded me of my ravenous belly and so i returned home proptly to a plate of spagetti. (yum).

If i were an animal i'd be a duck cuz they can both swim and fly..... what would you be?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

This is your birthday song.....

Hey this time give a shout out to Alec MacLEOD, cuz it's his birthday on MONDAY!! woot woot! I think he wants a car for his birthday so anyone with an extra car! (or at least a car engine...:) ). If you cant afford either, just throw pennies at him and maybe by the end of the day he'll have accumulated enough to buy something....

Alec's a really great guy. I really don't think i ever talked to him hardly at all till this year, thanks to physics class. Its nice having him to ask what Mrs. Toth (that's pronounced TAH-Th) just said and to copy notes or ask questions etc. cuz he's a really smart guy! Its nice to be able to laugh in that class, instead of crying...:). So monday is Alec appreciation day. Everyone tell him how much your glad for his friendship!!

I should probably go to bed now. Too bad i'm not tired....i shouldnt have drunken that coffee right before performance cuz there's still school tomorrow and two more performances to go. Well, i guess i'll turn in.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Here's a shout out to Robbie Summer: it's his birthday on SATURDAY! Rumors are he wants a girlfriend for his birthday so if you're reading this and you're female, ask him out on saturday when you attend or perform in the school play!

(if you're not female, ask him out anyways for the heck of it).

I guess he doesnt need anything else... i mean what else does a guy need who's a genius, is rich, and talented? Maybe some duck tape to keep his mouth shut!

i call giving him duck tape, cuz i hafta force myself to fall in love with him in the spanish play. I mean gosh! Since he couldnt get me to marry him in Fiddler on the Roof, i guess he decided he'd better try again, and this time in spanish! Well, what can i say, i guess i'm just a sucker for foreign guys..?...:)

Am i a babbling idiot? No, dont answer that question. But I sure felt like one today when i met JamesMark Paddock's mother. There was kind of an awkward silence so i just rambled on for a while, hoping that i didnt sound as dumb as i felt. Oh well! And dont anyone dare call it diarreah of the mouth cuz that's SOOOO GROSS!

OK speaking of rambling on, i'm gonna stop now. g'night all! I'm gonna do a snow dance!

*******************************all done!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Goodbye FABA!

faba was quite fun this year!

I resolved, it being my senior year to do less things, since there's no point in categories like organ solo, or dramatic blah-dee-blah since i've never won, or come close to doing well....

anywho on thurs. bible quiz was very intense. Personally i did my best, which made me happy, but still a little disappointed that we didnt place higher...we really should've gotten 4th or even 3rd since we never played the 4th place team and beat the 3rd place team one round that we played them.... anywho it was fun to talk to friends from Colonial that emily W. and i see only 3X a year...and make new friends like a random Suburban guy who came up and started talking with us. He was pretty nice, but it seemed like i ran into him everywhere on friday and was acused of stalking him....ha,ha?
Reader's Theatre got first....huzzah. I thought from my perspective it went quite well, and Pastor Lefew told me i was very evil.....hee,hee.

So then on friday: handbell ens.... oh buddy. HORRIBLE, i dont know what happened, all i know is that i was playin along till all of a sudden the melody stopped playing, and i waited for it to come (it never did) and so i randomly played my E for 10 measures and then somehow picked up with everyone else at the end...
The rest of the day passed in a busy blur, highlighted by choir winning. I'm still convinced that the judging is way messed up and the judges just dont like us...who knows. Oh well, it was my last FABA, and i'm not sorry to never have to sit on that bus in hose and a black skirt and white shirt again for 2 hours, freezing to death. So goodbye FABA!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Turza vs. Tirzah

i have had the priviledge, like most people of possessing several nicknames throughout my ilustrious life so far.

Tirzina (the 'n' has a ~ on top): As far back as i can remember my mom has called me this, and now Christopher and Rebecca do too.

Tereasa: Many people actually say this first under the mistaken presumption that i pronounced my own name wrong too. Also i had a teacher from Ukraine (or some country near russia) who no matter how many times i said i was "TEER- ZUH", she still said, "Tereasa?"

Catherine: THis is kinda a long story involving my wearing a white dress to church one sunday that reminded a few friends of mine of Catherine Zeta-Jones.....

Turza: this is theorized to have been born one of two ways. Firstly Pastor Lefew has never said my name right once, and always said turza. But it wasn't adopted into the entire school until sophomore year at the retreat. I was playing football with several of the boys and Mr. Wright was our captain, or whatever. He kept calling me 'turza' and it made Luke giggle exceedingly. He then proceeded to establish that as my permanent nickname and due to his imense popularity, the name sunk in so much that i have people ask me sometimes if my name isnt really turza.
I don't mind being called it, but at the same time its quite refreshing to hear that i have a real name........ now turz, or tirfat on the other hand tends to push the limit of annoyance.........................:)

Monday, March 06, 2006

ideas of an insomniac...

i cant fall asleep.... which is ironic cuz i'm sure i have a trillion things to do....too many things on my mind, so that simply writing them down isn't enough. But since i can't exactly call any friends at 11:30 at night i guess i'll have to write somemore...

Ever feel like God is sitting up in heaven just watching down on you with a bemused smile on his face. He's probably sitting back, arms crossed, waiting.... waiting for me to understand everything that's happening. I think he spent the majority of my highschool career anxiously watching out for me. 'woops, Tirzah, don't go there.' 'hey, stay here with me.' 'stop rebeling and come back to my arms.', as he had to frequently be watching out for my independance and ego.

Finally after having struggled against him long enough, i've decided that the best place is right here, safe in my daddy's arms. Sure i get restless at times, but in the end i've learned to escape less.

So now he's finally trusting me enough to let me out on my own. I can hear him saying, "OK, tirzah" (notice how he remembers my REAL name is tirzah, not turza or anything else) "here's a scholarship to college. Lets see what you can do with it. Don't forget me! GO on."

ANd so now after all this time having wanted to get away from 'home' i've discovered that it's a big world out there, and i'm just a child. THe world holds such potential, such freedom!!! ..... and yet, what can I do? HOw will God use me?

Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm gonna dedicate this post to Advanced Physics class. This is for those of you my wonderful classmates, as well as all who've ever taken this class, or will in the future. I salute you my fellow insane maniacs!

The first thought i ever had when i walked into this class on the first day of school this year was 1) Oh, no everyone in this class is younger than me, don't i feel stupid, cuz they're all juniors and 2) What am i doing here?????

Before the juniors all attack me in mass, let me point out that my mind has since changed, and i couldn't have picked a more fun room full of classmates. So if you're reading this i luv you all! I mean who else could make jokes when I am bawling my eyes out (as happens about every other day) and even stephanie did once too!

Yeh so today summed up all the bad things about physics..... ending in many tears, sorry to all of you who had to console me in the hall....

But i really do like that class. Mrs. Toth puts up with a lot from me...:) and she really is a great teacher. Yeh she's really tough and i get very frustrated at times, but in the end ill have to say shes one of if not the best teacher at this school, and I hope you all who've ever had her are thankful for her challenging method of teaching. Its good that she demands you to work up to the entirety of your potential!

Have a great weekend friends!