Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hard Work

Just kidding about never blogging again. Our teachers decided not to give us homework, or to assign a super easy quiz tomorrow, so I have some extra time.

Ironically i've done the least amount of hard work today in a very long time, and yet i'm going to talk about it..
Isn't it strange how working hard has satisfactory bennefits? It sounds crazy, but i think in at least one area you all will agree with me. Like when you're muscles are burning cuz you're working so hard. You don't necessarily like the pain, but it's extremely gratifying. You work long and hard on that paper, and in the end you feel so fulfilled. You make a consious effort to try hard (with the help of God) to obey Him and love him, and even though hard at first in the end you get such an elated feeling.

When you only think about the consept it sound WAY crazy. That the burn of a blister forming can feel good. That all you're muscles cramping like you'll never be able to walk again, and you still smile. I love the day-after sore feeling where it hurts just to bend over or simply walk, (and that's not just b-cuz i love the smell of icy hot, even though i do).

God's really smart when he created us to feel emotions at all instead of just being robots. And to feel pain too, i'm so glad that i have a range of touch. So much of life would be lost without it!

** here's a quick Hello to my kiwi: Hey KEILAH! I miss ya SOOO much! the house is so empty without ya! Come home soon!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Last BloG!

Hey this is probably the last blog i'll ever blog until school get's out or our teachers decide not to give homework ever again. (i'm only bloggin' now cuz i finnished spanish, english, Calculus, Physics hw, cleaing, mowing, dancing and all other forms of filling boredom). I'd just like to say to all you pessimists who hate school: I love school! I would rather learn any day than work at any dumb job. I mean really. Life's only so long, why waste it in fast food, or clothes etc. Why not learn LOTS??
OK i know all of you are about to come over here and kill me. I really am weird. I enjoy learning, and i never want to get married. I am not on drugs, and i am the only girl i know who doesn't want to get married-and it's not cuz my heart is broken or any crap. I'm seriously happy the way i am. I mean what's the point? I can do so much more with my life without having the extra responsibility. And especially as a girl, the moment i'm married my life becomes one long, cleaning, housekeeping, snot-mucking, diaper-changing, worrying, boredom. And my life is worth more to me than this. I must not have any hormones left, sorry to dissapoint all my fans out there. This hot girl is not for sale!!

(I'm completely joking)

Oh, i feel so liberated!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i nearly killed my dog today! I had my huge hunk of way too much chocolate (thanks to Joe) in my room, cuz i had randomly eaten like one piece of it last night.

Then i came back today and it was almost all gone, but obviously chewed up. So my mom (i swear mom's can read their children's minds) told me that if Cider died than it was my fault!! So, being too late to go the vet, i got on the internet and had my dog drink a tlbs. of hydrogen peroxide, and sure enough he barfed his guts out all over the house, bless his bowels...

So in the end he was ok, thanks God, ...BUT he was way hyper and was jumping and barking and being obnoxious but cute at the same time. So i took him out for a jog. Mind you i'm in my PJ boxer shorts and a sweatshirt, running my dog aroung the next neighborhood at llpm , and i swear: every single car drove by just to see the show. In the end i think i sweat more than the dog (amazing how those late night jogs burn fat calories...JK) and he yapped and yapped and finally i don't hear him anymore!! yay, only now i can't sleep!

doo dee doo dee doo......

Monday, August 08, 2005


I've been seriously thinking and praying about what I want to do next year. I can always just go as an undecided major, but honestly that's a waste of my money. My mom wants me to be a Physical Therapist, and i'd probably like the job, but love?? I want to love waking up and going to work each day, and i'm just not sure if I could say that about PT.
Honestly my favorite thing to do in all the world, is dance. I know that just sounds like a little girl who 'wants to be a ballerina when she grows up'. I decided last summer that I could never do ballet for a living, cuz it's so hard to get into. But when has something being hard ever stopped me before. This summer I got a new passion for ballet, that has me dancing all the time (ask any of my family or friends). My parents are assuming that i'll realize that ballet's just a 'nice hobby' and then find some good paying job and be well off. But i'd rather be poor and happy.

As God, not luck, has it. Both my parents and I have been considering taking the year off, next year and go to another country to help a missionary family, for like 6 months, and then work until school starts. I've been praying about this and am really interested, but then their was the problem of ballet. You CAN'T just take off a year. That's IMPOSSIBLE! But it'd still be a great opportunity to re-evaluate my life goals in light of serving God, and others and learning a foreign language. I was thinking about the Stilwell family in Trujillo, Peru. I decided last night to look up any ballet companies in Trujillo, but i wasn't hopeful. God is amazing! Not only is there A ballet company, but it looks like a large sucessful one, that was founded my the mother of my favorite ballet teacher ever, so the style is good too!!
I am way excited! I'll get to get my spanish down, serve God and others, train with a sucessful ballet company, and I get an extra year to decide what I want to do with my life! (not to mention, get away from home). It's an answer to prayer!

Well, none of this is set in stone: we haven't even asked the Stillwells yet, not found out how far away the studio is from their house, nor contacted the studio, etc., etc. So please keep me in your prayers all!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

goodbye to sweet 16..

That's right, coming this Saturday I'll (finally) be no longer sweet 16! I must say, it's overrated: I liked being 15 better.

I can't decide if I'm excited about school starting. I mean heck it beats the corn feilds any day! I love to learn and see everyone again, and stay in an air-conditioned building (where their's no corn rash, pollen, and corn!!) So I guess that's definately a YES, Lord, I am looking forward to school!!! Yay, retreat!! Yay being a senior!! I mean i'm only gonna be a senior in highschool once so why not enjoy it?

Here's my schedule:
1st: Accounting
2nd: Calculus
3rd: Bible Quiz
4th: Gov./Econ
5th: English 12
6th: Spanish 4/5
7th: SH/Choir
8th: Adv. Physics

I really, Really want Mr. Cavit to come back and teach English!! So many fun memories with hime, and he was a really good teacher. Class just won't be as 'fun, fun, FUN' without him!