Wednesday, July 26, 2006

a sleep deprived mind

i'm off tomorrow! WOOOO HOOO they're spraying the feilds so we're off. actually corn season's almost over (it was short)n which is fine with me cuz i have an interview at American eagle tomorrow and i start Chiropractic on next monday and meanwhile im still working at smoothie king and tutoring.........
so that was my life update. between working all day (and swiming, like yesterday) dancing and tutoring im pooped at the end of every day. I cant wait till my mac comes in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we'll have to all talk on skype when im in peru, but thats not for a while so lets not think about it yet.

I was randomly thinking today that im glad that God is nothing like Alexei. In some ways the connection could be made since he asks for each person to try their very utter hardest, and doesnt accept laziness, and also he has a unique sense of humor. But then again (as with all russian ballet teachers) if you dont work up to expectations he gives up on you and finds some one else to critique. Im so glad that God never gives up on me even if im feeling lazy (which is a horribly pathetic excuse) so i considered in an honor to be corrected, i was sweating quite a lot...... feel the calves burn. mmmmmm
anywho i decided it cant be that bad of a deal monetarily to be a professional dancer since he always wears Banana Republic shirts and Coach flip flops. I didnt even know that coach made men's flip flops.......hmm. but his pants look like they were burned quite a while ago.
i probably need some SLEEP now!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


evil! i have to go get a blood test and a menengitis shot soon. NOOOOOOOOOOO! (college and leaving country) i had better not be sore b/c im going to ballet tonight and Alexei the russian works us really hard (im very sore), but i love his classes anyways, to bad im so outta shape.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

this one's for friends

i really want to curl up and sleep from now till Jesus comes.
Unfortunately my tiredness means that all creative power is gone, it was expended this morning on sarcastic coments in the corn feild. I love the smell of corn. i have no idea why but every morning riding my bike to work (i know im a loser, but i love riding my bicycle) i can smell it in the air. mmmmmmm
i wish there was more time to spend life doing the simple things.
Like sitting around with a good friend in silence or quiet chatting.
Like going for a run at dusk,
Like sharing a cup of hot tea and relieving stress with a friend
Like a smile of a shared secret passed between friends
Like walking in the woods (during a cool part of the day)
Like singing because you can, not because people are listening (perferably in the woods).....
Like.................the smell of a summer evening

unfortunately i feel like im too busy. i can only spend time with a few friends and for not nearly long enough. For some of them its great that i work with them, so i can make money while spending quality time, talking, joking, singing, etc. (oh yeh, and working), but for some i dont want to lose them but im afraid i will because i lack the time to spend with them, and when i do have time im so darn tired.....
i love making new friends, ive done my share of this over the past few weeks, but for those of you who've been my friends forever I love ya and dont stop being my friend.........ever

Saturday, July 15, 2006

how strange......

STRANGE, WIERD and CRAZY. I actually have enjoyed working at the corn feild (so far) this summer. a fact that has absolutely nothing to do with my 25 cent raise. (woo hoo). I have no idea why. Last summer i remember riding my bike home from work the very last day feeling so free that i'd never have to work at FFR again (private corn breeding company). I mean honestly the job is not my top pick, to say the, sticky, sweaty, pollen-y, itchy, and altogether not a me-job. But honestly i've not hated my self when i get up every morning. The people that i've been working with are great, the time flies. I get along with everyone. I dont know. I guess God knows what he's doing after all! (yeh figures!!) ANd no im not goint into corn breeding, i still want to run away with broadway but its a nice summer job as they come. And smoothie king is quite nice as well. I never thought i'd say this but im enjoying the month of july.

Oh and speaking of broadways i went to see Les Miserables Friday night. oh my. oh my. oh my. I can not even begin.......... with the exception of Fantine (who must have been pulled off of the street and told to 'sing' in the most horrible vibrato ever) every one else was incredible. Amazing. stunning. and i dont say this lightly. im picky with who's voices i like. oh man. Valjean has the most pure tones as clear as a mountain spring. And eponine made me cry. There is a trio between Marius and Cossette who are in love and Eponine who is in love with Marius, but he is only her friend. I cried and cried. Ok enough now, or i could go on forever.

im so tired. i love my hair short, i just better keep some gel in it always or i'll have a fro! its actually not as short as i thought it'd be. it sits on my shoulders and even a little longer. have a great day off of work for those of you like me for whom sunday is the only day off.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Confessions of a workaholic

i defiantely feel like a workaholic now. well except for yesterday when i went to Chicago all day.....:) Wicked was wicked! and amazing! I would definately not hesitate at all in running away with broadway if given the option to sign on right now. even as a swing or a standby. no hard decision there!
And so today i made up for the amazing time and great Italian food by working 14 hours today. (and an extra hourish for the transportation = a tired tirzah). and a stinky one too. I'd almost forgotten how itchy corn pollen is. and how annoying it is to wark through the corn feild. But it was good to see Amy MacLeod and some friends from work last year. And have some laughs with friend from work. ANywho im pooped and hafta work again tomorrow and then guess what? Im getting my hair chopped off!!!! Im going to get it all shaved off!

ha fooled ya there, just kidding im going to get it chopped to just above my shoulders. Im sick of having this persian rug on top of my head. It serves to collect bugs and pollen, and keep the heat in! Not ideal for the summer. I just want get rid of it altogether but i figured rebecca would kill me, so i decided to get it cut just long enough to pull into a pony tail. lets take a poll Tirzah with long or short hair..........well i dont care, im getting it cut anyways and besides it grows so fast itll be back by the time school starts (more or less)
(yay for smite returning tomorrow)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The rantings of a hungry Italian...............(ok so i really wish i was italian)

no question about it! im still addicted to blogging! yeh facebook is great but is not blog (tear). I crave it even more than i crave food (WEIRD!!!!!!!) I thought i was gonna come home and eat the whole refrigerator but actually i came straight to the computer (probably has something to do with the dirty looks she gives me when i head toward the fridge or cabinet and when she asks me when was the last time i worked out). OK buddy i've been cleaning smoothie king all day. and thats not just standing around! thats pacing around, scrubing and moping floors, rushing madly to check world cup scores (Jason and I 'watched' the whole thing via ) so techincally when i called Alex payne just as soon as Italia won, and told him that I hadnt seen the game and who won, i really wasnt lying ..........he hung up on me (hee hee, it was evil but i loved it: note: this morning I debated him, he for France and me for Italia.....:) ).
anywho so back on story so all i had to eat was a bowl of cereal at like 7 in the morning (that only lasts like an hour in my belly) and a smoothie and then at steak and shake i had my buddies shell out some money for the hungry Tirzah fund (when im a millionare you can e-mail my secretary and charge me a quarter) forget feeding hungry children in Africa, there are starving children in our own country! Penny-less (OK i had half a euro..... but the stake and shake guy wouldn't take it) and about to perish from hunger!!!!!!!! Please! for the Love of pete (so who is pete anyways) if you are reading this and feel moved at all, have pity and wire money over by calling the 1-800 number at the bottom of your screen! HA fooled ya there is no number! no really stop looking you wont find any. it was a Joke! a JOKE!! ha ha? alriighty then.....
case in point girls are nut cases.

well i have the ENTIRE day off tomorrow! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! and wednesday and Friday too! but actually on wed. im going to see Wicked (finally!!!) and Les Miserables on Friday. There is no possible way to tell how excited i am i could scream so loud that you'd hear it where you are right now. i could fill up a mile with all the exclamation marks. I could Sing so loud all the fine china in the world would break. I could jump so high there'd be a hole in China. I could run so long i'll see you in .....heaven (cuz i cant breathe under water). I could also shut up and let you get on with your life which I will. now.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Im choosing to ignore any derogatory comments toward the spanish team. All i have to say about the German fans is: HA.

Anywho! I got an interesting e-mail from Meg entitles 51 things girls dont know about guys. So i want to run some things through y-all to see if it's true. Girls go ahead and give you're opinions anyways, we all know that they are the only ones that really count ;).
some things make sense like dont always talk about your ex-boyfriend or love interest, and that guys get jealous (news news! girls get pretty jealous too).
btw this is just out of curiosity, not for any specific reason whatsoever....

1. guys go crazy over a girls smile.
is this true? are smiles really that great? personally i love smiles on everyone, its what distiguishes them.....
2. guys are very open
what???????? ok once in a great while you can get a friend to open up to you. but with the exception of justin brownfeild normally i've found that it takes some prying....
3. guys prove they like a girl by teasing her.
whatever. i get teased by tons of guys and none of them like me. i think guys just like to tease girls. wrong?
4. when a guy asks you to leave him alone he really means "please come and listen to me"
whoa! i thought this was a girl thing to say one thing and mean another. i would have put this entry under things guys dont know about girls!

and this one i dont believe
5. guys talk about girls more than girls talk about guys.
that cant be true. thats not possible, that would probably mean that guys talk about girls 24/7 which is not possible since guys dont even talk that much! well i guess that jr high./pre-teen girls talk more about guys than older girls, i guess we might try to avoid the subject (?) depends....

and this one just made me laugh:
6. guys ask for advice from girls not other guys, b/c most guys think alike, so if one guys confused than we're all confused.
ha ha ha. pretty true

thoughts? opinions? inspirational testimonies? im just bored and got this e-mail, once again dont think anything more of this than that im filling time and interested in the discussion.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Spain pics!

Sorry these pics are really out of order. Im just psyched that i finally figured out how to put pics on my blog. It was so hard to choose just a few out of so many!!!enjoy!

Sorry about turning your neck sidesays, but this is a view down a former aqueduct into the Alhambra to bring fresh water

This was the most exciting thing that happened at the bullfight. This was the last bull (out of 6) and he charged the bullfighter picking him up in the air. The man was ok, but had to limp off after he killed the bull.

A view of the Alhambra as seen through one of the many ponds

Me with my knight in shining armor! in Toledo, where many fine armour and weapons are made

One of the many MANY sets of arches in the Alhambra, set with the elaborate stucco of the arabian style

This is Keilah and my mom standing in a typical keyhole arch as we were exiting Toledo (i think)

A former gladitorial ring, right next to the roman amphitheater where Il Divo sang

A glimpse of the splendors of the gardens of the Alhambra....

This is the view up from a stone pilar in the cathedral at salamanca, where Nisha studied. it could have been from anywhere though, they all kinda look like this

So this is my big sista Nisha and I excited about spain. (tear.......) we WERE rooting for them..... (sob) this pic was actually the last one we took in our hotel before leaving spain.

Well have a happy fourth! 230 years ago today........

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Please pray!

Yay for smoothies, Tirzah's finally working smoothie king. Gotta admit the first day was at times a struggle to keep the tears in (I watched the intro. movies and then was making smoothies in the same hour.....and i messed up half the orders, cuz the instructions are really confusing until you're used to them, which now me, the pro of 3 days is decently good at).
anyways i'm gonna get some 30 hours a week there, so if you all want to come and visit me I'd love to see you, just dont come during a rush!!! im slow enough as it is. I should be working mostly weekends and evenings (?) ).
wow that was a lot fit in one paratheses.

Anywho the reason i'm posting is to ask you to pray for a coworker. I dont even remember his name, it was my first time working with him. And this afternoon was pretty slow so during the times where we just sat around we talked a bit. It started with us both liking to read and we got into a discussion about the DaVinci Code. I bet God was smiling just a bit wider than He should have as he watched me, cuz incidentaly I was really struggling in paying attention in sunday school today when funnily enough we are studying the DaVinci Code!
But anyways he said that he'd tried a few religions and been kinda driven away by their hypocrisy. The only religion i got him to tell me that he'd tried was Hinduism. He said he liked going to church though. So I asked if he'd be willing to go to church again. Which he seemed fine with, so I invited him to Faith. He said he didnt like to get up early so I suggested the 11:00 service. He didnt seem incredibly responsive, so we'll see what happens.
We also discused purpose in life, and He seemed content to just 'be' which I would find so depressing, if I didnt have a purpose in life. The next time I work with him, i'm gonna invite him again, and give him my Purpose Driven Life book. Since he likes to read......
well i'd apreciate any prayers about tirzahs name-less coworker. I have no idea when i'll work with him next. It could be tomorrow or in two weeks. We'll see!

Have a great Fouth of July and remember to be thankful for your freedom of speach and religion.

(I think im gonna go see 'Cars' with my sis-ta! im so excited! WOO HOO) later y'all