Saturday, July 09, 2005


What do you think of when you think of the word: OBSESSION.
Got that person in your mind? Maybe not a person, but a hobby... etc.
How often do you think of the that person throughout the day? How often you talk about them, or that something. How often do you wish you were with them, or that things were different, or that you were better at talking to them, doing that hobby or whatever...

Obsession is a strange concept. You forget the whole world around you except that one item. Everything else fades, as your days sucomb to thinking, talking etc. related to your obsession. Too often obsession results in the denial of it ever being wrong or too much, in the mistaken belief that you're 'listening to your heart', but how can that possibly be right? God says, 'the heart is deceitful and DESPERATELY wicked. WHO can know it?".... can you????

I loved how Elizabeth Elliot says in her book Passion and Purity, (i don't remember verbatum) that its better to be silent about the object of your obession. Not because honestly it can be annoying, the people whom the only words out of their mouth are 'my boyfriend' or 'my girlfriend' but also let God honor your silence, and let him work everything out in his own time without your letting your mouth get you in trouble. Instead pray for that person or desire. As soon as you start thinking about it: pray!

I mean if we spend even half the time thinking or talking about GOD as we do something or someone else, wouldn't that be awesome! How much closer would we be to Him? How much more in love would I be with him? How cool, if the only derogetory comments people could say about me were, "Oh, she's so obsessed about God"!

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, to all of you reading this: We fell in love with God the first time, through a series of love notes (the bible). Now we should be dying of anticipation to run through the gates of heaven and finally meet the object of our obsession!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Guys in tights

Hey, I've been at ballet camp all week and will be all next week too. (I told you that Joe).

It's been a blast! My room mates are awesome! I mean with who else could I spend the whole day dancing (10 am to 5 pm) then come home, eat, watch a movie about dancers, watch a ballet on tape and go through choreography from that day!!! its great!

My least favorite class is partnering. Yes that is when we dance with guys holding and lifting us. My partner is Ian. He has thick ugly hair, he can't grow a beard, he has the biggest ego (yes even bigger than Joel Benson's and Joe's). And his breath smells SOOO bad. He keeps getting mad at me for not bending my legs enough before jumping, and when he gets all in my face all I can think is 'you need a breath mint'!

Actually the girls there aren't anorexic. It's a common misconception that that the girls are all anorexic and the guys: gay (not true!!). Real men don't lift weights they lift women. Actually most of the girls eat quite healthfully. By most i mean not the bulemic girl. She's so gross. On Thurs. she ate 3 heapingly huge servings of dessert and then went to go worship the porcelin throne, if you know what I mean. And today we got back from class and they all decided to order pizza since all that was there were bagels and muffins and fruit. Well she ate two whole huge bagels, a muffin and two peaches!! and planed on eating three pieces of pizza! Bulemia is so horrible, and so bad for you!! It makes me so sad...
It's like my room mate Hailey says: just listen to your body. If you're hungry, eat! if not, don't! It you want a peice of cake, eat a piece of cake. (this girl has a nice slim 'dancers body').

Luv ya all, and keep taggin'