Thursday, May 27, 2004

What kind of shoe are you?

Ballet shoes- beautiful, graceful, and creative, you enjoy dancing writing and music. You are often very poetic and sometimes dramatic. You keep to yourself aside from a few close friends that you can relate.

Friday, May 21, 2004

The Play

Yes, today is the day opening night of Anne of Green Gables. (Huzzah!). And Yes, Ms. Wiebe this is part of my relaxation-ness before I have to get made-up and put on frilly dresses etc. .
This whole experience (my first) has been a lot of fun and I've gotten to know all my fellow actors more....than I ever cared to sometimes. :)
I know all of our tempers have been tested and the stress levels have hit the roof, but I think (and pray) that we'll manage to pull it all together tonight. Good luck all!
Now here are some comments to my fellow cast.....
Regina:yay! It's been alot of fun with you as my fellow student, and I am NOT dead gone on charlie sloane (I win).
Jordan: you do really well as Jane, smile!
Eve: You are such a good actoress! Its been fun 'hating' you.
Bethany: I'm sure you're tired of hearing it but you do really well as Rachel Lynde. Don't stress out!
Scott: good job as my teacher (esp. w/ Prissy :) ).
Luke: You're so much fun and I'll forgive you for putting leaves in my hair. -maybe.
Sam: ha, ha. Don't forget those multiplication tables!
Rebecca: It has been so divine doing the tea party scene with you!
Deborah: you are SUCH a good Diana. You do a good job of acting drunk! :)
Rachel: I love your Aunt Josephine hobble.
There are a lot more but 30 is too many to put everyone down, so I love you all, thanks to all the crews: you rock and also to all of you who came to see us: it wouldn't have been the same w/o you. Thanx

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Will I ever make it.....

Will I ever make it to the end of the year? Sometimes I think not. I'm sure the purpose of this is to get us to be motivated to end the year well, but.... and honestly we all have those days when we don't care. -about anything. This whole week has been an 'i-don't-care' week. I don't care what I look like, I don't care what anyone thinks about me and I don't care how I do in school. I know this is selfish and I really do care, just not right now. When my report card comes in, I will care. When my parets are upset with me, I will care. I just need to use that motivation to care NOW. (not working).
But just so you know that I do care about some things: I care about the school play. It has been alot of fun and I cared enough about it last night to spend a good (long) hour to rip stich-by-stich the tuck in a costume for the play, just so it would be long enough. I also care enough about the play to read through the entire series to get an idea about my character and the story, but also because it is a very good series. I won't say anything about memorizing my lines, but the bottom line is (ha,ha) that I DO care about something.
So there is my motivation and I WILL make it through the rest of the school year! ....I hope.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Teacher Appreciation Week

I am so bored! I have WAY too much time on my hands, esp. after a stressful/long weekend of ballet performances. And so here is my honest opinion of some of my teachers....

Mrs. Hume: Is so cool. She helps bible quiz have a comfortable, fun but good atmosphere. We have such great fun in that class.

Mr. Harmless: Is very good. Not just cuz i'm more of a 'math' person than say science, but he makes math, interesting, relevant, and we have lots of fun in class as well as being able to learn alot.

Ms. Weibe: doesn't get appreciated nearly enough, but is SOOOOO GOOD. She must be so stressed out, and our class certainly doesn' t help, but she makes English interesting (and that is a hard feat!), we have fun, and really do learn a LOT!

Mr. Johns: I must say there have been times when I have thought him a little unfair (when teaching BQ, making seating charts, and grading tests), but he is a good teacher and I am able to find history interesting enough. We do the craziest things in that class, and I have enough memories to last a lifetime! But he manages (somehow), to keep order and balance.

Mrs. Leitke: Wow, spanish 3. What a fun class.... Anywho, she is a good teacher, southern accent, crazy laugh and all. Many crazy memorys from this class too...

Mr. Heim: Although I don't completely understand him, I have a lot of respect for him and he does a good job of shutting up certain (ahem) guys who don't know the meaning of "be quiet!"

Ms. Syr: Lots of fun in health/P.E. I'm so glad we're going to Love'!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Random Thoughts Are Here Again!

Yay for random!
I was just reading some of y-alls blogs and felt inspired.
Firstly: Blogs are so nice because you can write your honest opinion and be spared the trouble of someone's immediate reactions. You only run into trouble when s-one who should not have read your blog, reads it....(not to name any names). But about opinions, its great that people can feel spiritually inspired about taking leadership and not goofing off, but in all honesty was it really worth all the time to write it out, or is some action REALLY gonna be taken' ? Just a little encouragement to follow through with your words.:)
Secondly: I love books! I know some of y'all don't appreciate them as much as me, but fiction rules! It's so nice, when life sucks, and problems flood you, to distract yourself by stepping into another place, or another point in time (that is-after you've made things right with God). I recently finnish reading A THORN IN MY HEART, which is a WONDERFUL story, taken from the one of Jacob and Essau, and Rachel and Leah, but in Scottland and in a different year. I think I told lots of you about it, or else you asked me why I was bawling my eyes out in school... :) . It took a whole different perspective on that story, and I found a lot more in common with 'Leah' than I would have thought, and although fiction, this story encouraged me to stay close to God, even when he answers "no" to your prayer requests.
I love ya all, and C-ya 2morrow!