Wednesday, March 31, 2004

My Favorite Memory over break

This is pretty hard! I spent Wednesday and Thursday of break working eight hours shelling corn and other various jobs. Although it was kind of difficult to talk with ear plugs in I was able to talk to some people that I had worked with last summer and say goodbye to my friend Cory, a senior at Clinton Prairie, who right after graduating is going off to the Marines. I had some bonding time with two chicks both named Amanda, both juniors and Rossville. Both cheerleaders. Need we say more? But it was nice to get to know them better. I also had some bonding time with Jared Layton who is also a junior at Rossville. Through him I learned some things about Faith kids that I didn't know before, and was able to invite him to the Bring 3 tournament in May.
Friday I babysat for two girls that never ran out of energy even when I was pooped, but I was able to help out their family so that was good.
So I suppose that I'd say that my favorite memory over break was going shopping on Saturday. Pretty sad, huh? Over all it wasn't bad. Made some money. Talked to friends, studied Bible Quiz (yeh!), and slept!!!!! (a little).

Friday, March 26, 2004


Man it's only Friday, and I'm already bored of break! It could also have something to do with the fact that I have spent 8 hrs. working every day while the rest of y-all slept in!

I love all ya people my friends! I couldn't get through each day without ya! lesee:
BQT: love all my buddies, wouldn't be nearly the same with out ya! and we're really gonna miss Rach. next year!!
Alg 2: Too early for math but fun. Between, Annmarie, Chris, and Justin and everyone else we manage to have fun.
Eng: a blast! all you guys crack me up! just keep it easy on the 'happy tree friends' tune!
Chem: wow. what a class! So thankful for all my friends to keep me sane.
Hist: well........JK it's a fun/crazy class. Between Mr. Johns never coming to class (passing out), the guys going to the flag pole after lunch, and many other memories -it's been great.
Span: I must say the play has been the hilight of this class. Hope it goes well! (Micah: I still owe you one. :) ).

Well, have a good break all, and C-ya at school.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

What's in a Name?

When I hear a certain name an image pops in my mind. The name of a person brings up a face and an emotion concerning them, the name of an object usually brings up memories concerning it. So many names belong to certain objects and would not suit any other object.
For example: I cannot imagine a rose being called spinach, but on the other hand if I had grown up hearing a rose called 'spinach' i would never want to call it a rose.

Similarly we tend to grow to love or hate certain names of people depending on how a person by that name acts. I would never name a kid of mine 'Osama' but 'Rebecca' on the other hand, I find to be a beautiful name, just like the person to whom it belongs. We tend to think it's all about a name, but in reality it is the object itself that influences our view of a name.