Friday, September 08, 2006

Here's to guys!

OK so my spanish class everything is super femenist and liberal and it kinda annoys me. I mean the class is great, my teacher is really good and a nice lady, but im getting sick of all this feminism.........

I mean yeh so this Mexican nun wrote one poem about how hypocritical men are. that doesnt make someone femenist because the criticised men once! i told this to my dad and he's like "hey i criticize men all the time!" i think everysingle member of the human race has at one time criticized the male species as well as female. (but if a man is critcizing women that obviously makes him sexist!!!!! sarcasm......)

And as much as i myself at times get extremely annoyed at those of male persuasion, i couldnt live with out them! So here's to males!

Granted some of them are to say..........but my daddy for instance. He's such a great guy! if i ever got married i'd want to marry one exactly like him! He's really smart! He's unbelievably patient! He keeps his temper, he's affectionate, hes a strong manly man, but not afraid to be sensitive, he's a really hard worker, he has very high expectations and accepts nothing less than the best out of me. He compliments my mom really well and the two of them balance quite well! He's a strong spiritual leader and i love him!! and my mom.......but sometimes i think we're a little too similar. As much as i appreciate her now i realize that i wont be able to fully appreciate all that she is and has done for me until i get older, but for now im trying my best to be her friend even when i've had a long day and dont especially feel like it...........but back to males.

i also really appreciate my male friends who have been examples and encouragements. Im not going to take the time to personaly thank each and every one of you but you know who you are. Here are some things i really appreciate as friends:

I appreciate when even in a relationship they will take the time to be kind and respectful to me. Its so refreshing to talk to a guy who has a girlfriend or is married or otherwise and is still genuinely interested in my friendship and doesnt blow me off just because he doesnt have to worry about 'getting a girl'

i'm so thankful for guys who love their friends and hold friendship above relationships. relationships (at least in this point in our lives) arnt necessarily permantent but true friendship should be!

im so thankful for times when im an emotional wreck and i have a guy friend to hold me through it. I know us girls being emotional is a scary thing and you dont know how to handle it, but really just being there to let me pour out my thoughts etc. and just to hug me and let me 'cry on your shoulder'. i try not to be emotional,.......but.........

i like that guys are so easy going, its so great that even though girls' lives revolve around the latest drama, a guy can just have fun that doesnt involve gossiping, bashing others etc.......

im so thankful for those who have every encouraged me spiritually or rebuked me. It takes a lot of courage to rebuke anyone and i too often talk before i think, but i really do appreciate the strong spiritual example many have set for me.

ok im running out of kind thought, but if you can think of any others add them on! So for any guy who's ever been my friend or ever shown kindness to me thanks!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Of heavy heart and tears.....

I missed Rebecca a lot today. Yeh i miss everyone who's left (a TON) but with them my subconscious keeps telling me that i can just call them up and get together. But with Rebecca i always hang out with her every Sunday morning all morning long at church and the two of us would just sit there in sunday school and laugh and laugh. (which is pretty much all we do when together.........good times). I have spent nearly every sunday school with her since 4th or 5th grade. We even shared moments such as Sam following us around with his lego's (i thought he was very annoying) and the infamous day when Joel Benson entered our lives with his albino squirels and stories of the great state of Illinois......) and starting in 9th grade i saw her 6 days a week every week for four entire years. We've cried together, we've laughed until we cried together, we've seen each other at our best and worst. we've made complete and utter idiots out of ourselves. We survived the stresses of school plays together, Biology 2 class, Bob Jones and senior trip, we've watched countless movies and eaten countless bags of popcorn, we've shared hopes and dreams and done certain end of the year traditions together (although i joined sophomore year.....).
Even though she's only 45 minutes away, its not the same, we're all moving on in our lives for better or worse. I knew i'd cry but not as much as i did. I miss that girl

To all of you who have left i havent forgotten about you either.
To Adrienne: that first birthday party, i felt awkward around the quiet beauty whom i didnt know would come to be such a good friend. we've had such fun together, dreamed, discussed extremely random and strange things....;) I miss you so much girl. You're so spontaneous and fun! Horray for days of our lives and pop tarts. Randomly swiming in your pool. Fun times in the corn feild.............i lov ya!

jared: you prob wont read this, but you've been such a good friend. I remember sophomore year we had the most awkward and repetative conversations over lunch.....and now we can always talk, or enjoy and un-awkard silence as shared between friends

Joe: our friendship has historically been rocky since the beginning when you couldnt stand me and i had a crush on your best friend ;) oh my that was long ago. No i remember before that, stealing your puzzles and throwing away your chocolate in sunday school. Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder and helping me survive spanish class. I may hate you at times :) but I'll always have a special place in my heart for my friend joe-joe-james :). God bless you

emily r: Ha ha, i remember when before we were even friends and we did living nativity together and were a "click".......heh heh. We've shared so many laughs and even more 'Tirzah moments" when i was talking (loudly of course) about someone and he (or maybe she) was right there behind me. ENGLISH CLASS. I miss you but i know you're having a great time at college! dont forget me ever! i wont forget you

emily w; i remember being jealous of you in like 4th grade because your hair was longer than mine (what????? when?), i was SOOOO wierd! but then i still am. We had such fun in bible quiz together over the years with our junior highers! (and certain faba friends....;) ). thanks for driving me around all those years:) i still want your impala! lov ya girlie!

if your not leaving or havent yet, Im so glad your here! Dont desert me!!!