Saturday, February 18, 2006

Olympic games

If any of y'all watched the olympics last night, i hope you saw the amazing final race of womens snowboarding cross where four people snowboard at a time down a path and try to trip up each other without touching and cut in front.

Anywho, so among the final four girls competing for the medal was an american who was talented enough to get in the lead position and stay that way. The back two girls wiped out, one having to get carried away by ski patrol and go to the hospital, and the other one left just wasn't as fast as the american.

One curve before the finnish line, the american had a significant lead, and turned around to see it. Excited with her sucess she took the next jump grabbing her board and doing a cool little victory move. Upon landing she lost her balance and fell, and the the girl behind her had just enough time to cut in front and won gold medal.

WOW, the american had it made, and would now be in posession of a gold medal if she hadn't 1) looked back and 2)celebrated to early.

That's so much like life. Keep your eyes on the goal, don't look back, don't compare yourself with anyone but God, and don't become satisfied with your sucess-EVER. Even if you're better than everyone else is at life, even if the next person as godly and spiritual as you is still not so close, don't ever give up and stop trying your best.

Too often i stop and compare myself with others. Well i try to get good grades. Well, i'm responsible (my parents would actually not agree). Well, i don't get distracted by boys, i don't sleep around. I use my time well and am a hard worker.
Yeh right! comparing myself to God, i'm about infinity away still!

It goes back to the olde saying: if everyone jumped off a cliff would you? And even though it makes me SOOO frustrated when my mom reminds me of it, it's true. Even if everyone else is slacking off (which isn't even true) what right does that give me.
When i stand before God on judgement day will he be sympathetic when i excuse my sins as: well, so and so was worse than me.... I think not!

Just a few thoughts to chew on.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

OK, so i'm officially anorexic!

Alright guys, i must be sick/dying cuz i wasn't hungry hardly AT ALL today. OK so y-day i didn't really eat dinner because i was so busy studying for the physics quiz of doom (i didn't even get home till after 9:30pm), and so when i woke up this morning i was picturing my usual delicious mountain of cereal. But when i finnished eating an apple i wasn't hungry!

And then i had the chocolate donut after reader's theatre practice.... not really a donut actually.

And at lunch, i brought cereal and milk thinking i'd want to eat it then, but nope after eating an orange i desired no more.

And after school, Mr. Sagendorf summoned me into his room (only the good Lord knows when you'll leave after you start talking with him). And he tempted me with a rasbery and nut sweet thing-y which was actually really good, but i suspected at first was maybe drugged, but all turned out fine when James saved me from eternal condemnation (JK) and was ladden with coffee cake, which i did eat and was pretty good.

So then by the time i got home, i had all of 10 minutes before i left again for ballet, and i hate dancing on a fun stomach so i just left but not before i recieved the whole, you must eat SOMETHING, take this, take that.

I have since returned home and still lack hunger.

So, i've fallen into the dancer stereo type and will be anorexic from now on....JK.

ANywho just thought i'd share with you a small window into some of the WIERDNESS that's been going on in my life right now. I just wanna graduate in peace!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Surveys are just fun!

Sorry Steph. for stealing this from you!

Yesterday did you?
1. Talk to someone you liked: liked as in friend, yes
2. Buy something: yeh a carmel macchiato and chocolate chip muffin at starbucks
3. Get sick: yes! throat and runny nose!
4. Sing: who me? of course!
5. Thought about someone you cared about: oh yeh
6. Cried: surprisingly no
7. Got in trouble: surprisingly no too
8. Talk to an ex: i don't even have an ex!!
9. Miss someone: yeh, all my friends at school that i haven't seen this week

***Last person who...***
10. Slept in your bed: Me
11. Saw you cry: um, probably meg
12. Made you cry: probably my parents
13. Went to the movies with: i haven't seen a movie since.. don;t remember
14. You went to the mall with? Amy MacLeod, Jenni and Emily Rausch
15. Said "I Love You" and meant it: my parents
16. Ever been in a fight with your pet: what??? i got angry at my cat!

17. Been to California: Nope
18. Been to Mexico: yup
19. Been to Canada: yup
20. Been to Europe:no but i will in june!!!

21. Do you have a crush on someone: maybe???? don't know, maybe several actually, like 3...
22. What book are you reading now? bible, Les Mis and sisterhood of traveling pants
23. Best feeling in the world: dancing
24. Future kids names: Dmitri, Kitri, Paquita, and random rareish names
25. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: not in a long, long time
26. What's under your bed: a skelaton of my mom....JK, some boxes with summer clothes
27. Favorite sports to watch: uhh ballet?? dont really watch sports much except OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!
28. Location: Lafayette, IN
29. Piercing/Tattoos: ear once
30. What are you most scared of right now: drowning, or having intesting pulled out while i'm still alive...gross
31. Where do you want to get married? honestly after this week, i'm never getting married...
32. Who do you really hate? oh buddy we'll be here all night! jk, no one right now.
33. Do you have a job: i tutor (for money)
34. Do you like being around people: right now, no
35. Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with: that's the story of my life!
36. Have you ever cried: have i EVER CRIED!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Heck YES!!!
37. Are you lonely right now: nope, not a bit
38. Song that's stuck in your head right now: i'm not going to say what it is..
39. Played strip poker: nope
40. Gotten beaten up: by keilah and her long legs? than yes.
42. Been on radio/TV: Yup. Jon Ananias and i were apparently on as Adam and Eve for Living Nativity! that was a blast
43. Been in a mosh-pit:not really
44. Wishin you were with someone right now? define 'with someone' like a relationship or literally? well, either way no.