Saturday, November 25, 2006

10 firsts/random stories...

okay so i love the whole not having school thing, but i dont like the whole being lazy and napping all the time! my sleeping hours are all messed up! but then again,,,,,, they always were to begin with...haha. and now i have a million thoughts zipping around my head, most of which need to stay there! and so i will do my promises.

here are 10 random things that happened over break that i had never done before.

1) i picked out what i wanted for a christmas gift and informed my mom of it; but she just was a model car, and i said i wanted the real thing, but she said that she liked the model's price better. no fun!

2) because i was wearing a "boilers" sweatshirt a guy associated it with Harry's chocolate shop! hahahah. i chuckled

3) i got called medusa by my own mother, but my dad protested that he was glad to see my curls return (i had straightened my hair.....)

4) i watched two REAL marines assemble their dress blues (i dont know the official title......) and i even got to try on their sweet hats, but i would not really want to wear one longer than like 10 seconds. and i learned how to salute.

5) i watched fudge being made

6) i had starbuck's peppermint mocha

7) i made and DIDNT burn pancakes!

8) i didnt win dutch sad!

9) i called mrs. thomas "connie" to her face

10) i watched giligan's island

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"DO NOT be anxious about a n y t h i n g
but in e v e r y t h i n g
by prayer!
and supplication!
and thanksgiving!!!

present your requests to GOD

and the peace

which transcends ALL understanding

will gaurd your hearts
and your minds
in Christ Jesus"
(Philippean's 4:6-7)

Enough said.

Monday, November 06, 2006


i was cleaning the floor at smoothie king the other day (i do some of my best thinking while cleaning......haha) and i observed that every single song that had played and was playing had to do in some way with 'love'. it struck me as strange. Is it only love-stricken singers and songwriters who are obsessed? or are we all just crazy about love?

when i looked up the definition, out of 28 definitions the 4th one was lust, and the 7th one sex. what kind of definition of love is that? i looked up amor in a spanish dictionary site and lust was 14th or so but still what buisness does the physicality of lust have to do with love? i may be crazy, but it seems to me that when people refer to 'love at first sight' what they really mean is 'lust at first sight' or at least a strong attraction.

now dont get me wrong i enjoy a romantic movie or book i love the idea of 'falling in love' and there's nothing wrong with being attracted to someone. But what does our screwed up concept of the so named: feeling really have to do with love? its easy for me to love people whom i feel comfortable with, who are attracted to me or are otherwise make ME feel good. see there it's all about me. But was Jesus that way? did he love only those whom he was attracted to, who were warm and accepting to him, or who otherwise made him feel needed?? of course not thats rediculous! but, you might say, thats not the same 'love' as you have for that one special person. Jesus didnt love just one person so its pretty much different. no you may not say that but i know i have thought that. the love is not the same! Well yes, i am a part of the lucky lady whom Jesus is in love with. and so i pray are you! He went far away, but He sent his beloved a long love note, so that she might be his forever. I have never been in a long distance relationship, but think of it that way: like a man who loves a woman and has to go far away but promises to marry her when he returns. the woman i can imagine (lets pretend..) misses the man! alot! she dreams about him, evey waking moment is devoted to thinking about him and is almost impatient to see him again. but she trusts that he will return and sweep her away to marry him and that he willl build her a wonderful large house and they will live happily ever after!
well thats us! but the sad news? many are turning into unfaithful brides! we are tempted by the futile pleasures here on earth we are distracted by other 'men' or allow other thoughts to take over our minds! How tragic for the groom. anxiously awaiting his pending wedding, excited about seeing his beautiful bride and she is unprepared! she has not taken thought to her dress, or planned anything! He has even built an amazing mansion for them to live together forever and she would rather stay here and live in her tiny cramped shack.

so that was a rabbit trail all to say that our love from friend to friend and child to parent and man to woman (and all vice versa) is an imitation of how God relates constantly to us. what less can we do than love as much like Christ as possible. and that is an action. not a feeling. yes feelings are a sticky and tangled web to get caught in, but love is an action and then feelings follow.