Thursday, October 13, 2005

10 years ago: I was 7, oh geez, i don't remember...I was homeschooled, had frizzy hair way past my butt, i ran around barefoot in the woods of our neighborhood. I went to sunday school with only Rebecca Thomas and all the boys..goodtimes

5 years ago: I was 12, was that 7th grade? I was still homeschooled. I had a massive crush on Alex Blake, as just about every one knows. I'm not sure if a whole lot had changed. I starting taking like 2 classes at Faith in 8th grade. And I saw Adam Butram again after not having seen him since like 10 years before that, when he was fat and a dork.. :)
1 year ago: I was 16, a junior. I think i was about ready for my life to end, and waiting to die and go to heaven. (not really i just can't remember any of that). i think i had a hate list, oh wait no that was soph. year. I don't know. I was still waiting for sweet 16 to claim it's reward, but i'm still waiting and sweet 16 has turned into bitter 17...
Yesterday: I went to highschool like the loser that i am, i gave my spanish speech but was really mad cuz the ending was ruined by a stupid fire drill. We sang dumb songs in choir, and the only releif I found was in dancing. Amazing what it does for the soundness of the soul, and mind as well as body. I got home, was overjoyed to not have to do homework till all hours of the night, but stayed up late reading anyway..

5 songs I know all the words to: Casting crowns: who am I? Josh Groban: ay, si vovieras a mi, Phantom of the Opera's: think of me, wishing you were somehow here and music of the night (and all the rest actually)
5 things I would do with 100 million dollars: Pay for college in like California, buy myself a red convertible impala, deposit some in savings, Take my sisters shopping, give my parents a much deserved vacation in hawaii.
5 places I would run away to: Oh about anywhere but here! Spain, France, England, Ireland, Australia, Colombia, Peru! I don't care!
5 things I would never wear: a 'man belt' (gross), I don't know..
5 favorite tv shows: don't really watch tv
5 bad habits: of mine? i'm not telling. One's that i can't stand? people looking over my shoulder, lazyness, stupidity and that basically covers em all
5 biggest joys: Dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing and sleeping
5 favorite toys: computer, uh cd player? i don't have any good toys..

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm a college woman now!

Does being senior always feel like this?

Now that i'm FINALLY done with all my *darn SAT testing, and i've been accepted to Purdue and University of Indianapolis and just sent in applications to two more colleges... it's like what's the point of highschool. You just look around at all the other immature kids... sorry this is sounding mean, but it's like: surely we weren't like that???!! please......(Lord, please help me to be patient!!)
Well gathering from memories of other seniors, i guess they all feel this way. But what i find especially ironic is how moronic some of even the seniors can be. I mean doing really stupid stuff. Like dating for example. And not even just this year's seniors. Why? if you know that you're just going to break it off when you go to college, so you can meet more people. Why??? to have the satisfaction and safety of a man? to be able to say you have a girlfriend? To have an excuse why you're grades are slipping? (yeh that'll fly well). If you're dating someone right now i'm not mad, i'd just suggest that you reconsider you're motives, and if they're purely selfish, or even partly selfish, that YES you are being STUPID, and life's too short to waste you're final year of highschool where you'll look back in a few years and the only memory you'll have is that one person.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

OK, lets take a poll

And for all of you who are jealous of our new political interest this has nothing to do with politics.

I want all of you to pick one of the following careers and tell me what you can see me most as....

1) Physical Therapist: requires a lot of patience. One can work with old, young, handicaped, sports players with injuries etc. 4-6 years of school, rather selective. Interest level (out of 10): 8
fun level: 4
my confidence in ability to do it: 9-1/2

2) Ballet related: very, VERY hard to get into. But there are many different work situations anywhere from an only ballet company, to smaller ballet and modern'jazz, broadway shows, ballet teacher, etc.
Interest level: 10
fun level: 10
my confidence in ability to do it: 5

3)writer: this could go anywhere from children's book author, journalist, movie script writter, novel author and much more. Pretty hard to get paid well for, i would imagine.
interest level: 8
fun level:8 (i enjoy writting)
my confidence in ability to do it: 5

4)Politcs-related: i've never actually thought about this before last month, till emily and stephanie wanted me to be a congresswoman so they can be my secretaries etc. I have no idea how easy or hard this is to get into. Or maybe like with foreign relations since i could perfect my spanish in a few years.
Interest level: 8
fun level:6 (i mean you get to dress up in buisness suits every day!)
my confidence in ability to do it: 7 (???)

5)Homemaker: Ha HA, just thought i'd put that in for kicks. HOnestly though, can anyone picture me barefoot and pregnant (as Jared things girls are only good for) with an apron tied around me cooking meals in the kitchen?? i can't even make mashed potatoes w/o burning them. (but i can make a mean peanut butter and bananna sandwich....)
interest level: 0
fun level: 0
my confidence in ability to do it: -10

OK vote away!!
And submit other thoughts, if they are serious at all. No i am not going to be Purdue's next golden girl. (choke).