Saturday, June 25, 2005

The knee

As some of you know, I mutilated my knee y-day falling off my bike into Meg's gravel drive away.
Yeh, it definately looks like hamburger meat pressed onto the grill. The parts that sagged through the grate are browned, and the other parts are raw and red!
(yummy, arn't you hungry for lunch?)
Seriously, God must be trying to get my attention or something btwn THurs. ripping my pants and y-day my knee.

Knee's are really weird. Even the spelling of the word. Who came up with it? It's almost like an unfinished horse's whinny... and God knew what he was doing creating a cap to cover the joint. It's like he knew we'd all at sometime or another scratch up our knee's (wow, He did know!)

And the knee is symbolic as well, as it says in the bible, 'every KNEE shall bend and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord' so i guess that is symbolic of submission as well as recognition of authority, kind of like kneeling before royalty.
And why do guys get on one knee to propose to a girl? Submission? don't think so. So the girl can look down on them?? Well whatever reason, call me old fashioned but I won't get married to a guy who doesn't get down on one knee. ANd I have yet to meet a girl who wouldn't prefer the 'knee' too. I just hope his knee isn't as 'fresh' as mine!! (I also want the guy to ask my dad before me if he can propose to me...)

Or, maybe people used to kneel before royalty cuz they were ashamed of their ugly knees, and wanted to hide them! Cuz knees are really ugly! I mean, have you ever seen a 'cute' knee? Didn't think so!

Ha, ha, I bet when the first king ever walked into a room, the people felt awkward. There were whispers amonst them: "what do we do". And there was a srawny guy up front who's knees began to shake as he was thinkin' : "oh man, what to do, I'm scared as heck of this guy. How do I avoid looking at him, and AHHH my ugly knees! All he'll see are my knees if i don't look as him!" so imidiately he dropped one knee on the floor and put his hands covering the other one. Everyone else followed suit, and it became history!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

on guys..

OK, although I'm no expert whatsoever (and I'll be the first to admit it) I'm gonna say a little something to guys.

If you're gonna hit on a girl, at least TRY to be smooth!
EX: I was at Walgreens in Colorado and the worker guy at the check out was like:
"can I see your eyes?"
and when I looked up on a non thinking whim...
"Green. I always think girls with green eyes are really cute".
yeh way to be original there...
"How old are you?"
...forget being smooth or tactful, just cut right to the point.
Needless to say I walked out as soon as i had finished paying even though he tried to get me to come back.

Other than that insightful piece of advice, i really have no expertise on giving guys advice, other than girls like to have friends (doesn't everyone) and friends are good (yes thankyou Tirzah, you already said that) as in nothing more. And I would just like to congratulate all my guy friends on being good at being friends! Thanks for being there to let me 'cry on your shoulder', or just to talk to, and even though you can be cruel to harmless little animals, or imature or otherwise annoying, I'm always impressed when you have are kind such as: Joe returning my purse today with out so much as stealing a penny (knock on wood). **sniff**

and that's just the guys, to all my girl pals: you all are the best!! I mean it! I couldn't get through school, the summer, or hardly life at all with out ya! (I just had to add that so you girls wouldn't think i don't appreciate you, cuz ya mean the world to me!).