Thursday, November 18, 2004

I had never felt colder...cont.

(note: read previous blog first)
I hadn't realized that I had been holding my breathe till I walked through the door into the following room. Other than the gallery now below us, i had never seen so many paintings. And unlike the gallery, these lay strewn on the floor, carelessly lying around and covered in dust.
"yes, these are worth billions of dollars. That why you've been specially chosen for this job. SOMEONE obviously thought you up the the challenge."
He eyed me skeptically.
"Well, you might as well know how we came upon this fortune, since you already signed the silence release."
He must have resigned himself to the fact that I must be capable as well as responsible, and so with a sigh placed his hand behind his back in a clasped position, began walking around the dimmly lighted room, and started off on the long venture of the paintings' history.
"These were found not far from Cairo. A private undisclosed team of archeologists, ran ACCIDENTALLY upon a pyramid, never seen before. Aparently, Cairo was built on top of an Ancient Egyptian city. Walls, oblisks, roads are being uncovered and not a month ago we were informed of this pyramid. Aparently a great sand storm (as recorded in the heiroglyphics) came about the time that the pyramid is dated and bured it completely. Curiously enough there was no mummy in the pyramid, just simply all these paintings. But they seemed well gaurded. The first 5 archeologist to enter the small pyramid died mysteriously and these paintings were not recovered until the pyramid was taken apart piece by piece. In order to study these painting privately the archeologists knew that they had to remove them from their original location, and unwilling to inform the public of them, they were moved here exactly a week ago. They will come in a few days, as soon as they can get away, and study their discovery. Until then, it is your responsibility to make them look neat and clean."
By this time we had made the rounds of the entire room multiple times and he turned to face me.
"is that clear?"
I nodded, unsure what to do next.
"I am needed downstairs. Although some trust you, i will just tell you, if you so much as take one step out of this room with one of these paintings..." he cleared his throat "life won't be pretty." With that he turned toward the door. "To assure myself, I am setting the alarm on the door." he shut the door behind him and I breathed.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I had never felt colder...

A chill more cold that the freezing earth set in me. I had never felt colder. My purse -it wasn't there! In it was all my worldly possesions. Keys, a cell phone, my passport, money, all but the clothes on my back and a ticket in my pocket. I pulled my coat around me. This couldn't be happening -not to me! It was five days before christmas, and what had started as a fun day of christmas shopping and siteseeing in Chicago turned into a nightmare. A taxi slowed and honked as I stared numbly in front of me. I shook my head unable to do anything else. I turned and walked back toward the art institute of Chicago. I still had my ticket with me, surely they'd let me back in to search for it.
"sorry miss, it's after five, no one is alowed back inside."
I searched in my coat pocket and pulled out a ticket stub.
"I-I think I've left my purse in there..."
He continued to shake his head. I began walking away distraught.
God, i've seen purpose for everything else in my life, why this?
Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a small yellow sign. Employees ONLY, it read. Without daring to look behind me I ran toward the door and quickly slipped inside.
Footsteps drew nearer, I searched quickly around, nothing but two shelves of cleaning supplies and an apron. I grabed the apron.
"So you're the new employee", said the voice behind me with distain." You're 20 minutes late."
"so-sorry" i studdered. The man snorted, motioned to follow, then turned and walked away.
I was stuck now, so I tied the apron on and grabbed a pail and the supplies in it and ran after the tall man, who walked too fast. Abuptly he wheeled around and faced me. I took a short breath in. "In the future you will hand your coat up, pull back your hair and report to me promptly at five. Now. we are using the employees stair case to the upstairs, here is your copy of the key."
He thrust a tiny bronze key into my hand and then took a replica of his own out and opened a door which had previously been invisible to me.
We soon came to the top of the ancient stairs and opened another door....
To be cont....

Friday, November 12, 2004

The evidence was undeniable...

The evidence was undeniable. I was caught. I had managed for the past week to get away with a few minor dress code faults, but today was judgement day. Even as I walked into school I could feel the distain of hundreds of girl's eyes on me. It THEY couldn't get away with it, neither could I! -or so they thought.
Well, lets rewind. I woke up this morning, from a nightmare that I had been told to leave the ballet company and never return. Consequentially I woke up in a sweat thinking it was Saturday. My mind was so preoccupied that I didn't think about it as i pulled on jeans, a cami, t-shirt, hoodie, and ....FLIP FLOPS! I looked at the clock. 7:35. OH NO! It all came back to me that it was indeed a Friday, so I ran down stairs and into the car and drove at top speed to school.
Backpack? check, I had left it in my car. Hair? NO! I felt my head in horror to realize that it was in a bun! Desperatley i tried to rearrange it, feeling guiltier by the moment. I dragged my feet along with me to my homeroom seat.
"what were you thinking?" I could see it on all their faces. "she's wearing JEANS, a HOODIE, FLIP FLOPS and NO HOSE! (gasp)
7th grade....keep stalling, keep stalling
8th grade... hope YOU have a wonderful day
9th hands were shaking
10th grade... oh,no...
Juniors! THis was it, I don't know how I made it down the steps. GOD I need a miracle here!
Then it came, just like that.
All the lights went out..........stillness
"Students" Mr. grass's voice rang out. "There has been an unexpected power outage.....(content deleted out of length and boredomness) .... please return home."
joyful tears filled my eyes. THANK YOU LORD!

...this was fictional story for extra credit use only, none of it is true...:)