Monday, June 28, 2004

Guess who's back!

....back again!... Hey to all my friends who read this (namely: Emily. You rock!). I wanted to go to church last night to see y'all but the flight from Chicago to Indy got canceled, so that meant a four hour trip by limo down to Indy to pick up the van and return here to good 'ol Lafayette!
y'know: as great as summer is, sometimes I just hate it cuz its full (for me) of selfish discontentment. School ends, i don't want it to. I go on vacation, I dont really want to, I come back, and I dont really want to. Dont get me wrong. I luv y'all, but only now do i realize what an awesome vacation it was and I miss it. ( that and the fact that I realize you all will leave 4 smite soon and I have to work in the freakin' corn!).
Thankfully two weeks out of corn season will be spent in Indy at a ballet camp, which is really cool except I haven't taken a class since, oh the middle of may, and dancers are all expected to be skinny minnies and bendy wendys. So now I'm gonna say farewell and get off my lazy bum and see what I can do about the extra vacation pounds! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Im here in Peru and I finally found a computer! Yay! I Miss you all soooooo much! Im in Lima and just spent a week in Cuzco. Its so cold!!! I really miss summer! But it is like Indiana in the sense that its really humid in Lima and the hair is a frizz ball! Well cuzco was really pretty and Ill have to show you all the pictures cuz i really cant describe. Ive been to Macchu Picchu and all sorts of other Incan ruins around cuzco. Also went to lake Titicaca (think WAY back to geography class) and visited the floating reed islands etc. .

Today we visited the main plaza of Lima: including cathedrals and the museum of the inquisition. Its kinda depressing really how catholic south america was and is. I mean there are catherdrals everywhere and they are the nicest buildings in the city. I mean painting upon painting, statues, gold plated altars, candles-the works!- how can you make a sinful mortal such as Mary to be a god. And how can you put God in a box and say that this crucifix is how he was and all that he was. that he came to die. Thats not the end of the story! To worship a little idol and just by rich decorations and money and burning candles, you can somehow win God´s approval into heaven. And also how people would be tortured for not being exactly as the church wanted!

The food here is not as bad as i expected! I havent had too much seafood (yet), and IncaCola and Fanta keep me sane. That and the movies on tv that are in English with span. subtitles. no, peru is pretty cool but i still miss you all and cant wait to come back home!!!! luv y´all,

Saturday, June 05, 2004

I'm outta here!

In like 5 hours I'm gonna leave to fly to Peru and I really need to sleep but I'm not tired!!! I'm gonna miss you all my friends SOOO stinkin' much! You all mean so much to me. So many fun memories!
I hate summer and I love it.
No school. swimming. time. more time....
Boredom. Friends gone. Work...AKKKK Summer. Evil!
Well not really: it's just that three weeks away from y'all is a really long time! tear, tear...
Random moode.
Well i'm off to cuzco-topia! C'ya all when I get back and have a wonderful summer. I'll be thinking about you all. Yes that means you even if you don't think this applies.
(told you I'm in a random moode!)
P.S: as much as I hate to admit this............ I MISS SCHOOL!!!!!!!