Friday, September 28, 2007


Why is it that with some people you take one look at them and immediately know what they're going to look like as on old person? not because these people are particularly ugly, often they are very cute, but you look at them and picture that girl as the sweet little old lady, or that guy as the kind old grandpa who loves his grandkids. And with some people you look at them and have no idea what they'll look like old. these are some of the random thoughts that swim around my head in a day. yourwelcome.

when i get old, if Jesus doesnt return before that time (which would more than fine with me too!) i want to be the kind of "old person" that people come to for advice. I pray that as i live my life i will set a good example for those who come after me. That following God throughout one's life WILL be hard, will be difficult, i know there will be tears of frustration, sorrow and pure pain. I know that i will fail God at times, but i pray when all is said and done, I will have lived my life for God's glory.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

theres alot to be said about the aesthetic nature of silence.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I get cozy under my soft green blanket, look around at the pictures adorning my walls and I can scarcely remember a time when I was living at home... have I only been here two weeks?

Now that im back into the swing of school and rutienes, I have retreated into social-hermitship. Which is probably as it should be seeing as I aim to get good to know my professors and obtain good grades. I walk into each class between 5 and 10 minutes early to make sure i can get a seat in the front row, and perkilly organize my books and notebooks and await the strike of the hour sitting up straight with pencil poised, like the over-achiever I never thought i'd be. I guess I figured it would come to this eventually... I can no longer afford to be the girl who tuned out the teacher by "sneakily" proping up her notebook and novel behind that.

I walked into my first class on the first day and the professor declared that we were already behind and to never let it happen again. Gulp. there goes my free time... well its okay i dont do alot with my free time (as made obvioius by the fact that im blogging...). I have however joined the "campus crusade for christ" and intend to join a bible study sunday nights, after having attending most probably the baptist church down the block! See there i've just proved... to myself.. that im uhh, very social indeed.

I also have a job as of today (my bank account is very joyful right now, to relieve his parched self). Which i miraculously recieved although i couldnt remember whether the day of the interview was tuesday or today... but seeing as i woke up a half an hour later than the arranged time on tuesday, I decided that for all intents and purposes, it was most definatley scheduled for this morning. I think it was the easiest interview ever, since we chatted about my future plans, and why I liked this university, and then he said training starts wednesday! (horray!) So if you are a highschool student have shown interest in the University of Indianapolis i just may be calling you to answer your questions!

If you are interesting in praying for me, I'd sure appreciate it! Im learning the history of evolution in Biology ... (oh boy)... so maybe that will lead to a discussion at some point with the professor or a classmate. Also I am bringing a girl to church with me on Sunday, who i met randomly during one lunch! thats about it for now, i think of....

(hee hee hee... i just ended my sentance with a preposition! the worst thing EVER according to my english professor...:D hee hee hee)