Friday, April 29, 2005

Important anouncement!!

Everyone! Yes, if you are reading this that means YOU!
On May 14th I am having a ballet performance! For all of you who've always longed to get in touch with your inner dancer side, or would just like to come and see me sweat. There is a FREE ballet that you MUST come and see! Talk to me for directions, but it's right downtown. @ 7:30 PM.
Yes i know this is the day after Jr/Sr. but remember I'm the one who has to summon up the energy to dance!
Please come!!!

long time!

I'm gonna hafta dust off the ol' keyboard!
I've just been so busy. But while everyone is talking about dreams... They are so weird. My personal theory is that they are the minds fantasies, found deep in the heart that we never wanted to admit. -granted dreams are often random and mean nothing, but that just means we have nothing on our minds and hearts.
I wish I could dream what I want, but this doesn't happen often. Instead I dream nightmares of things to come.
The most random dream I've ever been told was Adam Butram telling me that when he was little, he dreamt he was going to get married to me!
Dreams can be quite scary!
Well, my mom is trying to get me to sleep... RIIIIIGHT!