Friday, March 04, 2005

Ms. Wiebe!

My heart was dark, and dreary and grey
when I recently learned to my dismay,
-that my beloved English teacher, would be leaving
not only our school, but my heart also grieving
for so much, have I learned in three short years,
what subject, before, had left me close to tears,
My love of literature and writting is now swelling
and I've even learned an abundance in spelling
-and grammar, though it was hard in the beginning
my battle with adjectives, and nouns i am winning
In Anne of Green Gables, i got to act snotty,
which was imense fun, and with your direction: a party!
but more important than lessons in school
i've learned much about my teacher who's cool!
and i've learned to love God no matter what comes
for even when I expect something bad, it turnes out fun.
What a challange you had to teach for so long,
to rebellious high-schoolers who are often wrong
and to keep patienct despite prejudice and spite
and yet you kept going, ignoring each slight.
my inspiration to write and to read
wells up from your encouraging me,
and though selfish tears i shed at the thought
that you are leaving and i'll no more be taught
-by you. I know God works all things for the best,
of those who love Him, and you will be blest
But i'll still miss you, it won't the same,
so come back and come see us again!

I love you Miss Wiebe!
God bless you always.