Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Your recess memory...

My what? is 'recess' refering to the time spent outside playing as a little kid during elemtary school? Or does Ms. Wiebe think my mind is going?....maybe both.
Well, I was homeschooled in elementary school, so I didn't really have a 'recess'. Well, actually my whole day was mostly recess. My sister(s) and I would get up at around 8, eat breakfast etc, and then work on school in the morning. Now that I look back, the one thing I miss about homeschool was being able to go at my own pace.
By nature I'm a very impatient person, and having to wait for things to be explained is not my piece of toast (cup of tea whatever....toast tastes better). So I could fly through my lessons and be done with school at noon. (more or less).
The only problem with going at ones own rate is that you tend to skip over stuff just to get it done and I 'understood' math in the morning, but when dad came home and corrected my homework (via. back-of-the-book) he'd discover I hadn't really understood if after all.
But I'd spend the day in blissful ignorance, riding my bike, romping in the woods, or maybe playing with legos or barbies if it was cold or rainy.
Well I'm not homeschooled anymore and now I have tests, projects and homework, so I gotta get started on them!