Saturday, July 24, 2004


Ever noticed how fast the summer goes? School just let out and we're starting again!!! My best wishes go out to the SMITE teams down sweating in the Bahamas, or freezing in Peru-hope to see you all soon!
Not much is up now with me. I got back last night from spending two weeks in Indianapolis at a ballet camp. It was quite an experience, and more than I could ever write, in one blog. The first three days I thought I'd never make it, but it was so much fun. Dancing 5 hours a day is a lot.
Other than the standard technique and pointe classes there were...
Acting: my favorite class! always humorous with lots of improvisation.
Variations/repretoire: we learns variations from Don Quiote, and other ballets
Modern: Greggory hancock taught us a really fun indian dance
Partnering: Ha! I'm so bad at it! Especially with a 6'5" professional Russian guy! ( who wore WAY too much cologne)

we performed several dances on Friday night at a theatre in the University of Indy, in beautiful tutu's and other fun costumes.
Well, I'll stop now before you are all bored, so have a great summer (or what's left of it!)