Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Favorite Childhood Memory

Of the many wonderful times that I had as a child, I think that one of my favorite memories was of our woods. From about the ages of about 3 to 11, I lived in a house out in West Lafayette where there was lots of woods. Most of my time after schoolwork was done was spent out side in the woods.
It was a cheery wood. Not dark or gray, but full of sunlight, with a merry brook giggling it way through the woods. There were many beautiful flowers out there that covered the ground with their fresh scent, but also there was a peaceful calm where one could just wonder around and be happy.
I remember days when I would be out so long, that i would get hungry and have a snack out there. All summer long the blackberries were juicy and delicious, there were pear and apple trees, and I would even eat the wild onions and mustard plant leafs (which I used to eat all the time!).