Wednesday, September 24, 2003

A funny story

Do you ever notice, if you are aimlessly walking down a grocery aisle, how many little kids there are? Some kicking and screaming at their mommy and others completely lost, wandering around searching for their lost relatives!
Well, one day I was in Sam's Club, while my parents were there. I was quite bored and was wondering around aimlessly, when something caught my eye.
It was a lost little girl. She was walking around looking rather worried that mommy and daddy were no where to be found. Being bored, I decided to follow her and see where she went.
She walked around and around and finally settled on going the the food court. She saw an old couple and decided to ask them if they'd seem her parents.
Well, they hadn't, but invited her to join them in eating ice cream until her parents returned (which they knew they would, as all parents know that children are drawn to food). So for quite some time the happy child continued eating her ice cream, almost forgetting that she even had parents, until they came and saw her.
Where had she been!
They'd look'd all over for her!
And dispite the situation they found it rather amusing and often reminded that little girl, when she was growning up, of the time she 'got lost' in Sam's Club.
I wonder who that girl was?
Oh wait! it was me!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Its always the little things in life that'll get you through the day. Have you ever started out the day on the wrong side and a simple smile, a "how are you?", or an "it's good to see you today" can brighten your day?
Smile today, and make someone elses day just a little bit brighter!