Wednesday, April 04, 2007

i heart peru!

so im randomly in the writting moode. funny how it hits you, like a caffiene charge or a sugar craving....the need to blog! so im loving peru, but i miss somethings. so for your amusement i will record what things i miss the most about home and what things im gonna miss when i leave hear!

things i miss......
1. pop tarts
2. skim milk
3. american cereals!
4. driving
5. randomly going for walks
6. public restrooms having mirrors, tp and being clean!!
7. being able to drink tap water
8. all my friends and family....but i miss poptarts more. jk!!!

things im gonna miss!!
1. the stilwell family! all of them! Kandie and Pastor David are so kind and generous, and such a Godly example of a christian family, and they care so much about the peruvian people. and i love all the stilwell kids! so funny, so kind and im gonna miss them a ton!
2. Pastor Stanley. he's the guy who's house we live in, but he occupies the third floor. Hes one of those spiritual giants that i look up to so much. his favorite thing to talk about is God, and he finds God in everything, and is always encouraging me!
3. all the peruvian and american friends i've made here!!
4. pollo a la brasa
5. ceviche
6. aji!!!! (peruvian pepper sause that they put on everything...mmm)
7. speaking in spanish


At 3:31 PM, Blogger jonhaynie said...

Peruvians definitely know their cooking. And DEFINITELY (along with the rest of the South and Central American continents) need to work on proper bathroom maintenence.

I miss Chile. If ever you go there, even for just a little while, bring me a rock or something. But if not, one from Peru might even make me happy...


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